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IT Disposal for Educational Providers, Schools & Universities

PC Recycling offers competitive upfront rebates on the disposal of working desktop computers, laptops, server and IT related equipment.

Our prompt and professional disposal and collection service is a hassle-free experience for organizations to recycle their end-of-use IT equipment.

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Is there a rebate amount?

For the collection of medium to large quantities of IT equipment, less than 3 years of age in excellent working condition, a competitive market rebate is provided. Rebates are paid at an agreed rate so you will know how much you will be receiving prior to collection.

Do you provide a disposal certificate?

Yes, a disposal certificate is provided for all IT equipment collected which indicates product serial numbers along with services carried out for your peace of mind and asset management purposes. Should you require additional documentation, such as tracking of asset tags, these can also be added to the provided certificate.

When can we schedule collections?

We can arrange a suitable collection time specific to your needs including options such as split collection or collections from multiple locations. After hour collections are also available at an additional charge.

What services are provided?

Our full service certified disposal service includes secure data destruction for all physical media, including hard drives, tape drives, USB flash memory devices and solid state storage media. Data wiping is completed via accredited software and upon completion all drives are checked and verified to ensure 100% of data has been removed.

What can be collected?

We can collect all types of IT equipment including desktop computers, laptops, servers, printers and networking equipment. IT related accessories and cables can also be collected at the same time providing a complete disposal service.

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