Disposal Process

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Pick Up & Transport

PC Recycling collects and recycles desktop computers, laptops, servers and other IT equipment from offices, school, universities and businesses. Flexible collection schedules are available with the ability to pick up small or large quantities. For most collections there is no charge.


Every item that arrives at our office for disposal and recycling is documented with information captured including product serial numbers, asset tags and any additional information requested to be provided on the disposal certificate. This certificate is provided to the client within 5 business days for your asset management purposes and peace of mind.

Data Destruction

Digital storage devices and media contain sensitive and critical personal, business and confidential data. We destroy data on every individual hard drive, tape drive, flash memory device and solid state storage media provided with the latest accrediated disk wiping software. All data destruction is verified after completion.

Rebate Hardware Inspection

After the data destruction process hardware is inspected that they work accordingly and in excellent physical condition. Any defects are recorded accordingly within the documentation. This information helps us to ensure the maximum rebate can be provided for each item. Rebates, where applicable, are processed within 5 business days of this inspection.

Disposal of Hardware

All client-identifiable sticker or markers are removed at this stage and equipment with value are dismantled and / or resold to offset the recycling costs. Hardware or components deemed with no resale value are sorted accordingly and recycled via authorized third party recycling facilities. We endeavor to minimize electronic waste that is sent to landfill from PC Recycling.